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The state capital of Rhineland-Palatinate combines culture and joie de vivre. Mainz is Germany’s wine capital; on the city’s doorstep you will find the biggest wine-growing region in Germany: Rheinhessen. It\'s a university city, a carnival stronghold and the birthplace of Johannes Gutenberg.

bonded port

History. Future. Home.

The urban port district of the future, the bonded port, is being developed in the middle of Mainz. It marries history to all the creature comforts of modern living and working. The bonded port offers a wide variety of shops, restaurants and recreational facilities. The bonded port in Mainz and PANDION DOXX are the new home port for your future, your family or simply for you.


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We have fitted out a showroom for PANDION DOXX. This is where our sales staff will answer any questions you may have about the project and the freehold apartments that are available in a relaxed, personal atmosphere.

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