PANDION DOXX also scores points in key areas for assessing potential real estate purchases.

  • Very good location
  • High demand in the Mainz area
  • Attractive purchase price
Excellent general conditions. Combined with currently favourable financing options, this offers a great investment opportunity.
Real estate is generally considered a safe and profitable investment.

  • It’s protected against inflation and often offers certain tax advantages.
  • It’s a sensible alternative to investing money in savings accounts, which currently offer a poor return due to low interest rates.
  • It offers more security than stocks and bonds, which react much more strongly to fluctuations in financial markets.
  • Purchasing for your own use is also a great idea. After paying off your home loan, you only have to cover maintenance and are much more flexible in designing your own home.
The Mainz/Frankfurt real estate market is booming.

  • Mainz and Frankfurt are home to major companies.
  • Wide range of leisure and cultural options.
  • State capital of North Rheinland-Pfalz.
  • Excellent infrastructure and public transport connections.
  • High rental security.
PANDION offers great advantages as a partner for capital investment.

  • High-quality.
  • Commission-free purchase.
  • Development, construction, and management combined.
  • High standard of fittings and construction materials.
  • More than 18 years of experience in development, construction and marketing of high-quality residential properties.
  • Direct contact for all issues.
PANDION SERVICE takes care of all the work related to running your rental apartment.

  • We are familiar with all the details of your property and can arrange tailor-made rental agreements accordingly.
  • You get a dedicated contact person.
  • We take care of tenant communication, utilities invoicing, legally binding rental agreements, rent adjustments, new tenancies, deposit management, payouts to your bank account, and more.
  • Should there be any problems or complaints, we are directly on site and able to rectify any issues quickly and reliably.
  • You benefit from faster processing of all administrative matters and speedy communication with your tenant. As the owner association’s property manager, we tap into every available synergy.
  • Your tenant benefits from a transparent and user-friendly customer service website, at no additional expense to you.


PANDION AG, based in Cologne, has been involved in the development, realization and sale of high-quality residential projects since 2002. The owner-managed real estate company develops properties at its main location as well as in Bonn, Düsseldorf, Mainz, Munich, Berlin and Stuttgart. Since 2014, the company has been steadily expanding its involvement in the commercial sector. In total, PANDION plans and builds 4,600 high-quality apartments and eleven larger commercial properties across Germany with a total sales volume of EUR 5 billion, of which EUR 3 billion is in the residential sector. PANDION AG employs a total of over 200 people at its locations in Cologne, Munich, Berlin and Stuttgart.

19 years of experience

Project volume of € 4,500 million

4 sites

More than 200 employees

More than 4,600 apartments under construction

Partner for living spaces


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